• Our Childcare Staff Members in Auburn, Illinois

  • Miss Rayna, Director

    Miss Rayna has been at Auburn Childcare, Inc. since the doors opened in March of 2013. Miss Rayna has her bachelor's in business and master’s in education and early childhood education. Rayna has over 25 years of experience working with children in a variety of atmospheres including volunteer work, coaching, and mission trips. Miss Rayna loves her community and wants to see the best for the youth of this area. She is a very loving mother to her 6 children with a desire to watch them grow into active members of the community to make a difference. A few things she loves is being active and running, helping others, spending time with family, and working in her gardens.

  • Miss Jenny, Assistant Director/Teacher

    Miss Jenny has been a teacher here at Auburn Childcare, Inc. since September 2020. She has come to Auburn Childcare, Inc. with over 20 years of experience. She has a heart and passion for young children and is a fabulous teacher. She enjoys teaching children new things and helping children explore their surroundings. She believes that children have taught her not to take the little things for granted and enjoy every moment. She currently resides in Virden, Illinois, with her husband, son, and two dogs. Her hobbies are puzzles, craft, and fishing. She loves spending time with her family and growing flowers. Her favorite flowers are sunflowers.

  • Miss Madyson, Teacher

    Miss Madyson has worked at Auburn Childcare, Inc. since March 2021. She came to Auburn Childcare, Inc. with 2 years of experience working with children. Since she came to the center, she has completed the requirements to become a teacher. She is blossoming in this field and the children are attracted to her love of learning and desire to teach young hearts and minds of the beautiful world around us. She lights up the room when she is with the children.

  • Miss Kylee, Assistant Teacher

    Miss Kylee has been with Auburn Childcare, Inc. since August 2021. She is working towards obtaining her CDA. She is very hard working and dedicated to this field of work. She helps children at their level and willing to work with any age group. She has been a great joy to work with and is excited to continue working with children in her community. She has a passion for children to see them succeed.

  • Miss Jayde, Assistant Teacher

    Miss Jayde has been with Auburn Childcare, Inc. since October 2022. She has an outgoing, fun, energetic personality. The children love being in the classroom and learning from her. She enjoys loves art and being creative. She lights up the room. 

  • Miss Sarah, Daycare Chef

    Miss Sarah started at Auburn Childcare, Inc. in October of 2019. Before working here, Miss Sarah was a stay-at-home mom for 8 years. Since starting here, Miss Sarah has obtained her Food Safety Manger license and completed courses for SIDS and Shaken Baby. Miss Sarah spends most of her time in the kitchen but does help in the classrooms when needed. The children look forward to spending time with her. She has a huge heart to serve and is willing to help in any way possible. Miss Sarah currently resides in Auburn, Illinois with her husband, Matt, and their 2 children.